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Message From Ron Paul

The official Ron Paul campaign web site, RonPaul2008, has been updated with a message from Ron Paul:

Phew, what a week -- what a great week in Iowa.  But first the important news:  my wife Carol had a heart-pacemaker implanted on Sunday, and she is doing much better.  She had a scare -- me too! -- and we are both so grateful for all your good wishes and prayers.  They worked.  And now she is safely back in Texas.
As I campaigned from morning to night in the August heat the last week, sometimes I'd get tired.  And then I'd think of all the supporters, working in Iowa and so many other states, who never stop no matter how tired they are.  Could I ever do less?  Never.  And I never will.
What could be more important than this movement of ours -- for freedom, peace, and prosperity?  We hold the future of our country, of our children and grandchildren, in our hands.  We can never stop, never flag.  And we never will.
One old friend compared this campaign to the tortoise, and our opponents to the hare, in the old Aesop’s fable.  The hare was fast and flashy, but because of over-confidence and carelessness, he lost the race.  The tortoise kept going, step by steady step, taking nothing for granted, never giving in, never giving up, and winning the race.
In Iowa, we took some good steps forward in our race.  Considering the converts we made, the organization we brought forth, and the amount of money we spent as compared to the others, we are on the right trajectory.
And now, after I make sure Carol is well taken care of, I am off to New Hampshire, and campaigning in Texas for our straw poll on September 1 ( 
This our moment.  Not only because Americans are sick and tired of foreign wars, of the oppressive income tax, of growing restrictions on our precious liberties -- but because spending, deficits, and Federal Reserve troublemaking have brought on a global financial crisis that endangers all of us.  Now, of all times in our modern history, we need the message of sound money and economic freedom taught to all our people.  How desperately we need the truth.
This is a dangerous time for all we believe in.  Now, above all, we must spread the truths of the Constitution, of the rule of law, of life, of peace, of freedom, of an America that will truly be a city on the hill.
Join me in doing just that, with your most generous donation (  We have a country to win.
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