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Paul Places Third at Illinois Straw Poll

The Illinois Republican Straw Poll results are in. Ron Paul placed third, more than doubling his percentage score of the Iowa straw poll. Other winners are Mitt Romney, who built on his Iowa first-place total, and Fred Thompson, who came in second even though he has not yet declared his intention to run for President. Rudy Giuliani placed fourth, and John McCain placed fifth.

1. Mitt Romney -- 40.35%
2. Fred Thompson -- 19.96%
3. Ron Paul -- 18.87%
4. Rudy Giuliani -- 11.61%
5. John McCain -- 4.12%
6. Mike Huckabee -- 3.04%
7. Sam Brownback -- 1.08%
8. Duncan Hunter -- .65%
9. Tom Tancredo -- .33%
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