August 19th, 2007


Ron Paul Wins New Hampshire Straw Poll

Dr. Paul followed up his big win at the recent Alabama Straw Poll with another win at the New Hampshire Republican Straw Poll, taking 73% of the vote.

Full results follow:

Paul - 208 (73%)
Romney - 26
Huckabee - 20
Tancredo - 8
McCain - 7
Cox - 5
Hunter - 5
F. Thompson - 3
Giuliani - 3
Brownback - 1

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NBC News Channel 7 - Panama City, Florida

August 19, 2007

A local group held a rally this afternoon outside the Golden Coral on 23rd Street to show their support for the presidential candidate.

U.S. House of Representative and Texan Republican Ron Paul is running in the 2008 presidential race. It was a party to help spread the word about presidential candidate Ron Paul.

There were a handful of supporters from Panama City and Fountain out there waving signs and handing out fliers. Several Panama City residents say they share the same interests as Ron Paul and have formed a "meet up group" to support him.

Some of the interests include his opposition in abortion, capital punishment and universal heath care, and his support for free trade, the military "don't ask, don't tell" policy and tighter border security.

Some say he is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation's capital.

"He's not just trying to butter me up, get me to go on his side and a lot of people like that. We're tired of the same old, we'll tell you what you want to hear, just vote for me," said Raymond Thomas.

"He is the only Republican who's for bringing the troops home and against the war. This is a military town. We have Tyndall here. A lot of our folks who live here are military and they miss their loved ones," said Judith Hicks, a meet up group member.

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